What is Madrona?...

...Strength. WE bUild YOUR gear by hand.

We’ve been refining and improving Madrona gear for many years. It is designed to be comfortable yet extremely durable.
group truck pull
The ability to work out in your own yard is AWESOME! Madrona fitness gear is super fun to use while kicking your own butt in a workout!
Your Madrona gear is built with very tough nylon, polyester, steel, and polypro materials. We source as many USA MADE raw materials as are available.
You will get your hands on your new gear within about 6 days or less. We ship out each order as soon as it has completed production.

InspirEd by naturEs tOUghEst tree


The Madrona tree is so hard it doesn't need bark! The bark peels away like crunchy paper.


The wood burns smokeless and white hot. Filled with power and energy.


They are beautiful, fruitful, super strong, and live long.

From an idea

We want bEttEr livEs

Resistance training is a required part of life. It brings more health, longer lives, stronger muscles, and denser bones. But, if it isn’t comfortable and fun to do; most of us just won’t do it. Even when we know it’s good for us.

sled drag zions
guam competition with pro harness
We need something both fun and comfortable

TO sOlve a problEm

We came up with a few designs. Our goal: remove all the friction that stops us from working out regularly. To love exercise and have fun with it. What’s better than being outside with the sunshine, working out with a smile because you can feel and see your progress! 

Time to pull some weight

We’re jUst gEtting startEd

We made our first sled harness over 10 years ago and we haven’t stopped. With such powerful feedback from our customers, we know we’re on the right track. We love working out in our own yard with our harnesses and belts. We want to share our great success with you. This is why we exist as a small business; to get some resistance training gear in your hands. You can benefit as well. Thanks for reading this, all the best!

customer pulling vehicle
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