Sled ResistancE Training

Designed for your body

If it isn’t comfortable you won’t use it! Spreads out forces evenly across the torso.

Amazing resistance training

Build muscle, increase bone density, build your endurance. The benefits of resistance training are extensive!

Madrona Sled Harness, view from the side.

Made in the USA

Built for you by hand in Kentucky with local and global materials. All Madrona gear includes a Lifetime Warranty.

Have fun getting fit

Nothing beats the sunshine and a smile on your face while you work out.

What our customers are saying

“Received my harness very promptly, and came as described. Very pleased with my purchase, as a matter of fact, ordered a second one shortly after. Thanks”​

~ Adam S.

Amazon reviewer (Oct 22, 2021)

“I am so excited to finally find a dog seat belt that is made of *actual* seat belt material! We’ve been through a couple of those nylon ones and they don’t seem to last, ripping right in half every time.”

~ Sam

Etsy reviewer (Nov 21, 2020)

“So far has pulled all that I have asked it to, we use it outdoors to run hills and it has pulled tires, and punching bags with comfort.”​

~ Kevin M.

Madrona reviewer (Dec 31, 2018)

Why be a Madrona customer?

Nature + Health

Getting into nature is where we thrive. We are made to play and work in fresh air and sunshine. No stuffy indoors please…

Fitness is in our DNA

Exercise isn’t easy. Yet, it is required if you want an exceptional healthy life. We came up with our own gear to make working out feel more fun and easier to love.

Small Business

Thank you for your support. We are a small business, chasing big dreams! Get everyone outside, getting fit, where we humans excel!

We can’t wait for you to get your new gear in your hands. When you place your order, our team jumps into action, fabric is being cut, webbing is being prepared, all the hardware is laid out. Next, your order is assembled and finished by hand with some very cool machines and tools.  Every single Madrona Outdoor product is built and finished by hand. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years. We love our work and know you will feel the difference working with our team and products.

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