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Quick Start: Madrona Sled Harness

Madrona Harness Red outline detail

Get to know your harness


Your harness can handle any amount of force you can generate with your muscles.

Ready for sweat

Water and sweat proof. Sweat as much as you like, get wet if you want. No worries, it is super easy to clean.

Made for sunshine

We use materials ready for UV's so your gear won't fade or crack in the sun.

will not deform

Your harness will not stretch, or deform, even when wet.

Step 1

Put on over left shoulder

Like a backpack

Simply put it on like a normal backpack, placing your head through the shoulder gap.

Step 2

Belt adjustment: with video

quick and easy

Feed the belt through both belt rings. Next, loop the belt over the outer ring and under the inner ring. Similar to a waist belt for pants.

Pull to tighten.

You're ready to sled drag!

Snap one end of the pull strap to your harness.

Snap the other end to your sled, tire, truck, or anything you would like to pull!

Gettin’ dirty

How to clean

quick and easy

Cleaning by hand will work best. If your gear is extra dirty, soaking it in warm water and soap for a good 20 minutes will do the trick. Then, wash by hand.

Washing and drying machines are not recommended.

Hand wash

Use some simple soap if needed. You can wash it in a hot or cold bath, or simply clean it in the yard with a garden hose.

Air dry

Allow to air dry.

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