Sled Pull Strap


Sled Pull Strap $19.95
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Key Features
  • This is an EXTRA accessory. It comes with the Harness.
  • 9 feet long with two carabiners
  • Single point for sleds with 1 anchor point
  • 1000 lb rated strength
  • Will not rip, deform, or fall apart
This strap harness is made of: heavy 1″ wide webbing, and steel hardware.
Care Guide
 Wash by hand with soap and water. Then, allow to air dry.  
Lifetime Warranty
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Highest quality webbing and performance

1000 lb strength

Made to get wet. Won’t rot or deform when wet.

UV resistant

Very high abrasion resistance

2 – Steel snaps included

Snap and go

The steel carabiners are fast and easy. Connect to your sled, tire, or anything you like in a snap!

Simple but rugged

Made to take abuse. We selected a webbing that is tough, water proof, UV resistant, and abrasion resistant. Then, we sewed the living crap out of it to make it crazy strong.

It can handle any amount of force your muscles can produce.

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